The Guesthouse’s Future

Three years have passed since being engaged in the travel industry. I think that it is thanks to the staff and the people around us that we were able to operate without any major trouble. But now, the accommodation / lodging industry will be forced to fight severely.

Airbnb is a very popular accommodation website. When I registered to it for the first time, once the accommodation was registered, the reservation came consecutively. The number of reservations at the Airbnb site between January 1 to 15 last year was 15 reservations, but the number of

bookings has decreased significantly this year with only 6 reservations. At the same time, the average per-person cost has decreased by ¥ 340,

from ¥ 2473 to ¥ 2133. As you can see from the figures, the market price continues to fall as the number of hosts offering rooms increases. To

maintain the site reservation ratio, it is necessary to lower the price inevitably. Then it becomes difficult to maintain the currently existing services,

as it is necessary to adjust with the fee, leading to a decline in quality, a decrease in service, resulting a possible fall into a negative spiral.

Not only above mentioned, but it is the same situation in the entire accommodation industry. Increase of private housing business due to the new private residence law and entry into large-capital inbound accommodation service; a niche business such as guesthouses targeting inbound customers have been established, but from such a situation, it seems that it will be more and more difficult in the future.


Even so, I believe that it is important to keep going.

“So, how are you going to do to maintain this business?” – I feel like I’m coming to this branch point right now. Before I started this work, I went on a journey. I heard stories from various people; of course, not only I got the business ideas, but it was also good that I went on a trip, because I’ve been touched by people’s kindness, telling me how to live as a human being. I think that what is important in business is to acquire a certain way of thinking and a way of life as a person before having professional knowledge. Without its fundamental thought, no matter how much knowledge we acquire, it is useless.


I decided to go on a journey for a while to evolve, and to find the shape of the new Traditional Apartment. Considering the meaning of why people travel, and absorbing new business ideas, I want to be able to respond warmly to the guests at any moment. I am thinking of telling about the progress of the trip to everyone through video, and through TRIVEZINE.

I will be absent during this period of journey, but the other staff will be welcoming. Thank you for your support.




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