People create an interesting city

I traveled all over Japan after quitting my job as a banker. Nothing was planned for my new job. In search of good ideas, I just thought to get on a plane to somewhere, when this business newspaper caught my eye. There was a piece on this newspaper, about the CEO of a company that I have taken care of, at the time when I was a banker. I got on the plane and sweared to myself that one day, I will be as successful as this CEO and appear on this newspaper as well…..



People create an interesting city


I enjoyed staying in an apartment where local people live in Europe, and it was exciting as I had an impression of living in the city while traveling.

Traveling is not only about visiting famous sightseeing spots. Thus whenever I think about this, popular sightseeing spots with many people seem insipid to me.

The location of Traditional Apartment is where I spent until the graduation of high school.

The city was vibrant with many stores at that time. While working as a part-time employee at a vintage clothing store, my colleagues taught me about fashion, music and art.

“I think this kind of people made this city. We think a lot about contemporary art when we talk about Takamatsu, but I would like to hand down the unique culture rooted in this city at the same time.”

I made a magazine because I wanted people to know how wonderful Kagawa is. I wanted to make a sightseeing brochure that wouldn’t be thrown away, because while I was cleaning the room,

I saw that pamphlets were cast aside. I want people to bring it back to their home country and talk about the memories of their trip. The booklet wasn’t about introducing the sightseeing spots, but to mainly introduce the local people.

“People make a fun city. Even if there aren’t any sightseeing spots, the local people could attract the tourists.”
The magazine was the trigger for me to make a documentary film. The main location is in the island called “Yoshima”.

It is a place where many people visited when the Seto Ohashi Bridge opened. However, the resort hotels became ruins, and restaurants went bankrupt today. Population is declining, and aging is progressing.

“The popular islands thanks to the Setouchi International Art Festival, or the future of Japan can be like this. So, I don’t want to transmit only the beauty of the landscapes, but also its reality”.

This is the reality of such islands.
The desire to honor the unknown charm of Kagawa is the foundation of the accommodation management, or the publication and film production activities located in 3 places within the town.

To realize all of this, I must be interesting. If myself, a person living in Kagawa isn’t an interesting person, people may think that Kagawa is a boring place.


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