NEWスタッフの紹介〜高松ゲストハウスTraditional Apartment〜


I start to work in Traditional Apartment. I inspired of Takamatsu after spending this summer here.



Hello! I’m Haruka Wakai from Tokyo.



I love nature, food, people in Kagawa. I’d like to feel seasons from mountains, ilands and bonsai. I want to eat unique udon, vegetable and fish. I wish I learn and communicate a lot with persons around the world!


My goal is … Visiting Ritsurin Garden once a month Exploring 10 ilands in Setouchi Going to 50 restaurants Learning Bonsai My recommend


今までのオススメ うどん→上原屋 島→犬島

now on… Udon restaurant→Ueharaya (near Ritsurin Garden) Iland→Inujima


頑張ります~( ´∀`)

I’ll do my best!!!( ´∀`)





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