Traditional Apartment (hereinafter "the Company") shall ensure that all employees understand and diligently follow the privacy policy outlined below with regards to the handling of personal information.

1.Concerning the collection of personal information
We may collect personal information where necessary in order to fulfill an established purpose of use, and using appropriate collection methods.
2.Personal information purpose of use

The purpose of use for personal information is as follows.

  • Provision of services
  • Administrative purposes
3.Use and provision of personal information
Except in cases where information is disclosed to a third party with the provider's prior consent or due to legal obligation, personal information shall only be used as necessary to fulfil the established purpose of use.
4.Disclosure of personal information
The Company shall promptly respond to any requests for disclosure, addition, amendment, deletion, cease of use, or erasure of the provided personal information
5.Secure handling of personal information
The Company shall enact appropriate security measures to eliminate risks of personal information loss, tampering, or divulgation.
6.Compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information security
The company shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the handling of personal information.
7.Changes to our privacy policy
The Company shall regularly review the policy outlined above and revise it where necessary.
8.Questions and complaints regarding personal information security
If you have any questions or complaints regarding the Company's handling of personal information, please contact us via the following.

Enacted January 1, 2020
Traditional Apartment
Owner Daisuke Uchida
Please direct any inquiries regarding personal information security to:
TEL +81-90-2893-2640